June 13, 2013

Official DotNetNuke NuGet Packages.

Many of you have been asking me about my promised Enterprise DotNetNuke Development blog postings that I have been promising since the Southern Fried DotNetNuke event earlier this year.  I have been working on them, but one of the key pieces for me was to figure out how to get NuGet packages to the greater population as I was working locally with a private NuGet Server for my own purposes.  I'm happy to be able to note that today DotNetNuke corporation released official NuGet packages to the nuget.org repository and they are freely available for users as of today.  In this posting I'll run through the different packages that are available, when you would want to use them, and what versions are available as of this posting.  

DotNetNuke Core Package

This package is a base package for any DotNetNuke Development and contains only the minimum set of DLL's that you will need to work with DotNetNuke.  This package contains the DotNetNuke.dll as well as the Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.dll which is great for your basic extension development needs.

DotNetNuke Web Package

This package is an add-on package that you would use if you are looking to use the WebControls DLL for access to things such as the DNN Captcha, and the various DotNetNuke Wrappers for the Telerik controls.  This package contains DotNetNuke.Web.dll and Telerik.Web.UI.dll.

This package is broken out to a separate package due to the size of these DLL's and the fact that not all projects will need them to be installed/used.

DotNetNuke WebAPI Package

This package is an add-on package for those of you that are using DotNetNuke 7.x and later and looking to work with the WebAPI implementation to build your own services within your project.  This package contains all of the DLL references needed to properly build an extension that uses WebAPI.  The following DLL's are included with this package.

  • DotNetNuke.Web.dll
  • System.Net.Http.dll
  • System.Net.Http.Formatting.dll
  • System.Web.Http.dll

By adding these items to your project you will be able to jump right in to the process of building with WebAPI and don't have to go hunting for all of the needed DLL's.

Versions & Usage

Ok, so now we have these packages but what versions?  Well as of today packages were released for 6.0 and 7.0 to allow developers to target major versions going forward from 6.x.  In the coming days DotNetNuke corporation has committed to back-filling the releases between 6.0 and current, so you can watch the NuGet pages for the details.

Which version you use will follow the same general rules of how you go about setting up your modules for minimum supported version etc.  In future blog posting's I'll be talking about how to actually use these to develop so check back soon!

Thank You!

All of this was made possible due to the support from Shaun Walker and James Cole-Nash from DotNetNuke Corporation.  James took the processes and items that I suggested and created the official packages so special thanks to him!

This posting has been cross-posted from my DotNetNuke.com blog

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