November 03, 2014

Back to the Basics: LINQ and You

This past weekend I was a presenter at IowaCodeCamp, my favorite local .NET event each spring/fall.  My session this year was "Back to the Basics: LINQ and You" and it was much more popular than anticipated!  After spending a lot of time training development teams over the past year I found that although LINQ has been available since 2008 many individuals have either not yet had the chance to use it yet in their projects or those that are using it still didn't fully understand how/why it works the way that it does, and thus my session was born!

My key focus in the session was to provide a progression and examples that are more detailed to show a realistic view of how/when/why you might use LINQ in your own applications.  You may download the sample code using this link.

As you look at the examples they are divided into sections, with the last few items left outside of a region.  These are the elements that outline the key item of learning which is deferred execution and how it can effect your intended results.  So enjoy!

For those looking for more examples, Microsoft has their 101 LINQ Samples in C#.

tags: .NET 3.5, C#, .NET 4.0, Quick Tips, .NET 4.5
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