November 17, 2014

2014 St. Louis Days of .NET Presentations

This past week I had the pleasure of giving 4 different talks at the fantastic St. Louis Days of .NET event.  This event has become one of my favorite events to attend each and every year.  Well attended, great sessions, and engaged attendees makes for a truly spectacular event.  In this post I'll provide relevant links for materials from each of the talks!  Future blog posts will go into detail on some of the topics!

Back to the Basics LINQ and You!

This session was very popular and the code-samples are the key benefit from the talk.  You can download these here!

Additionally if you are looking for good examples, see this MSDN LINQ sample.

Entity Framework Code-First: Just do it Already

The slides for this session are available here.  Additionally the code samples are available here.

Additionally you can find a number of other resources and samples such as Contoso University to help get your feet wet!

Optimizing Website Performance.

The slides for this session are available here


The slides for my SignalR session are available here.  The code samples are here.

NOTE: These samples must have the "host" running before the others.

Thank you!

I'd like to say a special thank you to all of the attendees of the event and my sessions.  I had a great time and as always working with new sessions provide new opportunities for growth as a speaker.  I hope that you were able to learn something beneficial from one of the talks!  I'm sure I will see you at another event soon!

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