March 28, 2015

2015 Orlando Code Camp Presentation Materials

Today I was a speaker on two topics at Orlando Code Camp, and as always this event has proven to be a pure joy to be a part of.  Many attendees at both of my sessions and lots of great discussions after each session.  My apologize for those that attended my AngularJS talk that the final "awesome" part of my demo was missing from my demo machine.  Below you will find some helpful links as well as presentation materials from each talk.

Web Performance Optimization Talk

The slides from this presentation are available here!  For those interested in some of the tooling that was mentioned.  Be sure to check out ANTS Profiler from RedGate, LoadStorm, and NewRelic.

ASP.NET MVC & AngularJS Talk

The slides from this presentation are available here!  The slide desk includes a few helpful links and resources at the end of it as well that I didn't get a chance to discuss during the talk today.

I have also uploaded the FULL working demo that shows the round-trip implementation with ASP.NET MVC.  This can be downloaded here and is a Visual Studio 2013 project.


Thank you to all that attended.  Your comments, questions, and other feedback are invaluable to me as a speaker as I constantly work to improve my speaking style and the types of content included.

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