May 11, 2016

Update to DNN/Evoq Url Redirect Provider for Multi-Portal Installations

One often overlooked free utility for DNN/Evoq are the open-source DNN Extension Url Providers. These providers are there to help with social URL's and URL redirects. The URL Redirect provider is a must-have solution for those migrating from other platforms into DNN as it provides a method to easily add complex URL redirects into your system for old URLS. Even for those that are working under the Evoq URL provider. I was made an administrator of this particular product more than 2 years ago, however, we haven't had much of a need to add features until today.

The Problem

A few weeks ago I was notified of an issue experienced by a client where they had a redirect configured for a particular portal, however, the configured redirect was impacting other portals. This resulted in behaviors that did not match expectations, and more concerning didn't allow the customer to properly redirect the same style URL to a different location on a different portal.

The Fix

Today I released Version 01.02.00 of the Url Redirect Provider and published it for release on CodePlex. This update ensures that the portal id of defined redirects will be fully respected. The side benefit of this for multi-portal installations will be better performance and less memory overhead for situations where large numbers of redirects are configured.

If you are using this provider today on a multi-portal installation I strongly recommend that you upgrade to take advantage of the improved features for multi-portal support.

tags: DNN, DNN Administration
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