November 09, 2016

Be Part of the Future: Test/Review DNN 9.x

Exciting times are upon us as users within the DNN ecosystem, regardless of if we are users of the OpenSource DNN Platform product, or if we are users of the commercial Evoq product lines.  The next release of DNN 9 will include some of the most significant changes to functionality that we have seen in many years.  With the coming change, we are at a crossroad, where community involvement is critical to ensure that the next version of the product is as good as possible.

What's Changing?

For those that haven't been following up on the changes that are coming, the key is that the Persona Bar experience is being introduced to the DNN Platform.  In addition to this, many of the administration modules are being re-writtten to modernize the platform.  This means we will see improvements to Site Settings, User Management, and all of those other modules that haven't necessarily seen major changes for a number of years. 

The focus of these changes and improvements are on making the system more robust, faster, and easier for users.  All amazing changes for users, but they are items that require validation.  For more information on specifics here are a few video resources.

How Can We Help?

I'm so glad you asked!. This is the time for the community to test the release, to identify any bugs, or to identify any feature discrepancies between the current DNN release and the new funcitonality being introduced. This is a time for review, for comment, and to help make sure that the release is as solid as possible.

To help, you can download the latest build from here and use this to create your own DNN 9 installation. Download and install this just like you would any DNN version. Or you can test using it as an upgrades. (BUT DO NOT PLAN TO USE THIS FOR THE FUTURE, IT CANNOT BE UPGRADED IN THE FUTURE.) Once you have the installation created if you find any bugs you can report them to the DNN Issue Tracker.

By taking an active role in this process, we as a community can do our part to help make the next release of DNN as great as possible!

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