June 11, 2018

2018 Nebraska Code Presentations

Last week I was a speaker at Nebraska Code, held in the Omaha, NE area.  It was a great event, and although I had technical issues with one of the sessions it was still another great event.  For those that attended my talks, this post contains the slides etc.

Website Security for Developers

This talk was designe dto be an overview of key security considerations for developers of web applications, and to showcase some of the things that you should be concerned about.  One item that I discussed with multiple attendees with after the session was a desire for information on tools that might help with validating, or improving the security of your application.  To this point there are a number of commercial scanning tools such as VeraCode, or OWASP has an extensive list of security tools.  Additionally, it shouldn't be overlooked that using a pull-based CDN such as CloudFlare can also help improve the security of your application with limited efforts of your own. If there is more inteest in this topic I can gladly get a blog post going.

You may download the Website Security For Developers slides here.

Transitioning to .NET Core

This talk was mean to be an introduction to .NET Core, and how you might transition your applications to it. The goal with this talk was to give a high-level overview of WHY a transition might make sense, and to try and share my experience in actually making the transition.

You can download the Transitioning to .NET Core Slides here.

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